In the rest on May 29, 2011 at 10:00 pm

Unpacked most of our stuff this evening. Weird being with just Suzannah, Isla was with her Mum and step-Dad. Probably the longest we’ve been just us since Isla’s birthday.

And it’s basically done. Sofa’s now free of stuff, all boxes downstairs are empty, kitchen stuff in cupboards, bed’s made – so tomorrow night could be the first in our new home.

Home – isn’t that a strange word? I refer occasionally to Kent as home, still, and my Dad’s house. Then when we’re in Monmouth unpacking in the new house, I’ll say, ‘Let’s just do this and then go home,’ meaning Suannah’s Mum’s. What does it even mean? Well, whatever it does, Wyefield Court may not be home now, but it will be soon.

Mostly just stubbing my toes on things, rather than collapsing in a heap, which is nice.

The hobs need to be turned on for a bit or something before they work. This became apparent after pasta didn’t boil, just kind of half-cooked in the pan. A second lot of boiling water did the job, though, and we had it with a load of pesto and butter (small tomatoes chopped up, too). And Coppella apple juice (don’t get me started).

Looking forward to being in, hopefully the spare flat-screen TV is still at Dad’s, no room for the heavy old one. Equally, might just carry on watching all our TV online.

Why are you even reading this, imagined reader? Why am I even writing it? I know all this stuff – I don’t need to write it. You may not, but if you know me personally, you’ll just find out eventually. I guess I’m just getting all habitual on the blogging front.

Hard being apart from Isla for Suzannah, but she’s ok. First time she’s really spent any significant time apart from her. For me, driving away the for the Humanitarianism/Communication exam last Sunday was the worst. Just had to swallow whatever I was feeling, otherwise I wouldn’t have made the journey. It’s weird, you get on with things, then it all comes swelling up. Then you realise you won’t be able to get anything done if you don’t swallow it again, then you’re just messed up.

But happy.

  1. Hi John
    Came to you from the article in the Independant this morning.I am a retired Midwife and really appreciated your honest approach to your situation. Reading your article may help other couples who are going through such a decisive time in their young lives.
    Sincere best wishes to you and your family.

  2. I read your article in the independent today and really enjoyed it. Have now read this.
    I think your writing style great it certainly kept my attention and made me want to read more.
    Good luck in your finals.

  3. Dear John

    I’ve just got back from a yoga class and burnt 3 pieces of toast, in 2 sessions courtesy of reading your story. I was so taken by it. I was a Mum just before my 20th birthday, end of my gap year, heading to Sussex to do Russian, or so I thought! Now Freya will be 25 next week and honestly if I hadn’t had her then I don’t know what would have happened to me. Being a parent is the most valuable and delightful experience, despite the obvious struggles. Sadly I did not have the joy of sharing that in a partnership for very long and my career is a total disappointment. Juggling career and single parenting did not work for me but having a child early was worth it all the same. Someone even pointed out to me, the other day, that I could become a Great-grandmother one day. A mythical beast, what an achievement that would be!

    So enjoy!!

  4. I just read your article in the Independent about having Isla and finishing finals, and I wanted to wish you and your family all the best. Good luck with getting a job, good luck with the move and just good luck generally. Your writing is really engaging and I’m sure you’ll be successful…just writing the blog from the perspective of a young father is a great start. It happened to my parents, it happened to friends at university, and one thing I know is that there never really is a right time to have children, but once they are there, they are enormous fun. Hard work, but fun.

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