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Watch (or listen to) this space…

In Music, the rest on January 13, 2013 at 10:03 pm

I decided that this year I would record all my songs. And since I don’t really perform any more, this blog is going to be how I share them

So, here’s some stuff to look forward to:

1. A second verse and a bridge (as yet lyricless) to Five Months (which is now called Going Fast).

2. A second verse to Isla (less exciting than 1.)

3. An angry-ish, insecure song that’s quite good.

4. One of my oldest songs, about worrying that I’ll ‘break’.

5. A pretty jazzy one, that’s all ‘Oh Baby, love me, love me like you used to,’ then goes all improvised.

6. One that I wrote when Suzannah gave me a heart cut out of velvet on her lunch break while she was working at Fabric Mills (back before uni), when I was heavily influenced by that poem in In Her Shoes (as in stole the lyric and then repeated that lyric… you’ll see ((well… hear))).

I think that’s it. And anything else I come up with in the mean time, obviously (like words to the bridge of Going Fast). There’s some incidental piano and guitar stuff that I might record if I can be bothered, but it’s the songs I’m aiming to get up here.

So keep tuning in! (don’t, I’ll post new songs on Facebook)