Moral Philosophy

In the rest on March 20, 2013 at 6:20 am


It’s not the thought that counts

Not when you’re thinking hm i wonder whats for dinner and you run over a small child

fuckin aristotle virtue bullshit

It’s the consequences that count

Except when actually, it’s not your fault

Maybe we should just use rules of thumb like ‘do unto others’

Except there’s an exception to every rule

fuckin descartes

I guess we’ll all just have to decide on a case by case basis – if it feels good, do it

We should just leave eachother to make our own decisions

Hold on, that’s a rule

We should just let bygones be bygones (except nazis etc)

That works

In fact, if if we just loop the brackets into the definition of bygone (non-nazi etc) then the rule stands: leave people alone unless they aren’t bygones (those who its ok to leave alone)

Apart from if theres something else going on, and its like ‘how can you just stand there? do something!’

So it’s like do something when necessary (and get those non bygones bastards)

but not just for the sake of it, cuz thats like ‘woah, too many cooks’ or ‘hold on you just fucked everything up even more you doosh’

so be evidence based, or something

like if on balance it appears a course of action is worthwhile, do it – watch out for fucking everything up cuz then youll look like a well meaning twat. but don’t not do anything for fear of fucking up either

but give yourself a break, I mean, consider your self interest too (unless you’re a non-bygone in which change or die)

just do what you can and if you get it wrong, well, it’s the thought that counts, eh??


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